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GRAND CONTRACTOR INC. using  SnapCount, # 1  energy audit software features, from sketch and voice recording, to storing your proposal data in the cloud, to following through on all aspects of implementation. We specialize in Investment-Grade Audits that establish a baseline of energy consumption and allow us to create the most energy-efficient design based on your specific needs. The resulting analysis addresses your project in financial terms, while also providing complete technical details.


Service & Maintenance

Maintenance & Service When You Need It Most

Service and maintenance are vital in ensuring your electrical systems run optimally for years to come. That is why we have created a preventative maintenance program that can be customized to each of our clients. This program extends the life of your systems while reducing downstream costs.

Design & Implementation

Design & Implementation Tailored To Your Business

By municipal law, new buildings require electrical designs to secure a development permit. The design drawings are the roadmap GRAND CONTRACTOR INC, uses to create a safe, energy-efficient system.

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LED Lights & Upgrades

Alberta's Top Contractor For Lighting Upgrades

LED technology has revolutionized lighting for businesses by reducing energy costs and maintenance. It also gives greater control over the quality of light you provide for staff and customers.

Solar Panels

Renewable Energy Solutions For Every Business

Solar energy and technology are the way to creating a clean, energy future. The way it works is simple: solar panels capture the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity for your home or business.


EV Charging Stations

The Way Of The Future

At GRAND CONTRACTOR INC, we install Electric Vehicle charging stations. Because each charging station uses a different level of energy, working with this type of voltage requires specialized skills. Charging stations can be an enhancement to any home or business, especially as more people look at alternative options for their daily commute.

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